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Data-Centers is it right for you?

Transworld Interactive our data-center can give you a place to backup your mission critical files off site and give you the ability to restore crashed files. We offer both File and Email storage. With File Storage all you have to do is login to a secure site and upload the files you would like to store for safe keeping. If you file crashes you can login and download the file back to your computer system. Our Email Storage we can setup up any number of email addresses for you on our server and you can forward the email to these accounts for safe keeping. If your system crashes just rebuild your email client and download the email you stored. Network infrastructure - Communications in data centers today are most often based on networks running the IP protocol suite. Data centers contain a set of routers and switches that transport traffic between the servers and to the outside world. Redundancy of the Internet connection is often provided by using two or more upstream service providers (see Multi homing).Some of the servers at the data center are used for running the basic Internet and intra-net services needed by internal users in the organization, e.g., e-mail servers, proxy servers, and DNS, servers. Network security elements are also usually deployed: firewalls, VPN gateways, intrusion detection systems, etc. Also common are monitoring systems for the network and some of the applications. Additional off site monitoring systems are also typical, in case of a failure of communications inside the data center.
Applications - The main purpose of a data center is running the applications that handle the core business and operational data of the organization. Such systems may be proprietary and developed internally by the organization, or bought from enterprise software vendors. Such common applications are ERP and CRM systems. A data center may be concerned with just operations architecture or it may provide other services as well. Often these applications will be composed of multiple hosts, each running a single component. Common components of such applications are databases, file servers, application servers, middle ware and various others. Data centers are also used for off site backups. Companies may subscribe to backup services provided by a data center. This is often used in conjunction with backup tapes. Backups can be taken of servers locally on to tapes., however tapes stored on site pose a security threat and are also susceptible to fire and flooding. Larger companies may also send their backups off site for added security. This can be done by backing up to a data center. Encrypted backups can be sent over the Internet to data center where they can be stored securely.
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