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Abilities and New Services

Network Integration solutions at Transworld Interactive. We can create, setup and implement your intra-net for you. Talk to one of your specialists and they will work with you to fulfill your networking needs. PC Management is a service that allows you to leave the maintenance of software and hardware to someone else. Allowing you to focus on what you need to not what you have too.

Live Support

Our live support service can give your website the look and feel of a big corporation without having to keep a big overhead or purchase expensive software we. Live Customer Support will let your web site visitors contact you immediately, live, using only their web browser. If they have a question while they are looking over your site, all they have to do is click the image that says you are online and Live Customer Support will transfer their call to one of your support representatives. Live Customer Support will pay for itself. Our affordable solution helps you create a live connection between your customers and your company by providing the best sales and support tool of all times : personal one-on-one interaction. Live Customer Support runs on your server under your own domain. You can fully customize it to suit your needs and there are no subscription fees! Deliver Live Customer Support In Your Site To Your Customers The Complete, and feature packed live support software for increasing your sales, providing technical assistance and increasing your customers satisfaction by delivering Live help Customer Service on your own web site! It's all about customer service Live Support is a live customer support software for your web site that enables visitors to instantaneously communicate with your customer service personnel. Web site visitors simply click a Live Support button and are connected with one of your customer service representatives. Your company representative then assists the visitor by providing information, links, graphics, or even guiding them through your web site.

Data Center

Our data center will keep all of your important files secure and safe from every day disasters and if you need extra space to store those files in we can upgrade ... Our data Center can give you a place to backup your mission critical files off site and give you the ability to restore crashed files. We offer both File and Email storage. With File Storage all you have to do is login to a secure site and upload the files you would like to store for safe keeping. If you file crashes you can login and download the file back to your computer system. Our Email Storage we can setup up any number of email addresses for you on our server and you can forward the email to these accounts for safe keeping.

Software Development

We are developing our own auction site that is fully open source. Auction Server v3.0 is a full featured auction web site like e-bay. It has just about everything you need to run your own auction web site and can handle private or public auctions. It is written in cold-fusion and must have a server with cold-fusion server running with access database access available. You will need email and event access on the server as well. The software is in complete open source code to include the administrator section, so you can customize every aspect of the software. Just load Dream-weaver (recommended) to edit the files and your set to make whatever changes you wish. Dream-weaver is preferred because a lot of the other programs change the code and in some cases will crash the software. Auction Server v3.0 is compatible with all know browsers at this time. Your only limited by your imagination on how and what to change or add to the software. If you would like a feature please feel free to contact us and we will be glad to implement it for you. Auction Server 3.0 is everything you need to build a top rated auction site like e-bay and u-bid.

Members Only Benefits

We have a CMS for all our paid members where you can get resources that you need to help you complete a project. You can also put your project online here to have a central point in which to collaborate on the project. Think of the CMS as an intra-net that is not just a local area. Transworld Interactive resource section is now available to all who wish to see what we can offer you some templates are only available to our customers others can be purchased for a small fee. Transworld Interactive has a vast library of templates that is available for you to choose from. You can use most of the right off, but some you must edit and tweak a little to match your website. This section is dedicated to promoting that library and the thumbnails here in give a general Idea of the availability. Most website templates we can customize to your sites basic information this normally takes 24 to 48 hours.

Coming Soon !

Coming soon to Transworld Interactive is (Transworld Interactive University) an online Technology University offering degrees in Technology related fields.
Auction Server Beta Auction Server version 3.0 is here and in beta testing. If you’d like to be involved in any of your beta testing send applications via e-mail to us and we will contact you to see if you qualify.
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