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PC Repairs and Mac Repairs

Our PC Repair service is one of the best in the business. With 34 years of experience backing our innovative and skilled technicians there is no comparison to our service. Repairing computer systems in todays world is even harder than it was. Today as components get smaller and smaller it becomes increasingly difficult to manage a major repair, therefore we are here to assist you in your repair needs at an affordable price point. We have the knowledge and the tools to do most computer repairs in house.

PC Health MOT

With todays increasing risks of cyber-attacks, it is a good practice to keep all your software and hardware up to date with the latest security patches. You can do this on your own or you can subscribe to our maintenance and health service. You go to the doctor to get a check up and your computer is no different it too should have a check up at least once every six months. With out this check up you run the rick of loosing your data and possibly the computer system it’s self. This service not only applies to your desktops and servers but to your laptops, tablets, and cell phones too.

Data Recovery & Backup

Backing up your important data is and has always been the best way to protect your mission critical data. How you back up this data is really the million dollar question. Most this that backing it up to a cloud service is the best way to protect it, however this is not the case there is no substitute for a hard backup. Saving your critical data to a hard disk or dvd/blue-ray, tape backup system is still the safest way to keep your data safe. we offer backup and restore services for your needs. All of which are 100% safe from Cyber-Attacks because it is not accessible online.

Software Installation

Installation of software can be difficult at times especially if it involves special configuration. We can help you get that hard to install software up and running for you, either on-site on in-house which ever is best for you. If you subscribe to your service agreement the installation of such software could cost a lot less and maybe even be covered by the agreement and cost nothing, it all depends on the service plan you subscribe to. We can even setup a custom service plan to meet your business or individual needs if there isn’t a pre built plan available to satisfy the situation. We also have custom software design available whether it be for a off-site sales presentation, a  mail marketing campaign or a intra-net setup.

Internet Setup

Having trouble connecting to the Internet ? Can’t seem to get logged into your favorite website. Bring your computer by the shop or we can come to your location and diagnose the problem for you. In most cases it is best to do a on-site diagnoses, unless you know it is in the computer system itself. Need to setup more than one computer system on the Internet? We can help you get the right hardware and configure it to allow multi-computer access to the Internet. This allows for a more productive prospect with employee access times on the Internet. We also have custom web design available. This an be done in a number of languages.

Custom Build PCs

Need a custom built computer system that is designed to fit your exact needs. Let us build your next computer system. Custom computer system builds are more powerful and tailored to fit the users wants and needs. These computers also cost more than your pre-built computer system in an upfront cost factor, however in the long run they will save you time and money. Custom built computer systems are not just for gamers, even though they are the biggest group that buys custom computer systems. This type of system has the ability to be upgraded where a pre-built cannot be upgraded in most cases.

Phone Repairs

We do offer a cell phone repair service however it is not our main focus, we offer this as a courtesy to our customers and members, not all problems can be solved in-house and some may require us to send the phone to one of our partners. If this service becomes more popular we would consider expanding our availability of the different services that are offered in-house. We can diagnose your phone and let you know what is wrong and give you an estimate of how much it would cost to fix it. We can factory reset your phone if needed. We can also backup your cell phone to a flash drive (that you provide) or disk (that we can provide).
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